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Frequent questions

How is the Lemon Law in California?

In California, the lemon law requires manufacturers of defective vehicles to replace or reimburse the original costs of the vehicle if they cannot repair it. These California laws protect consumers if they lease or purchase a new vehicle that is covered by an initial warranty.

How long does the California lemon law cover consumers?

In California, the Lemon Law protects consumers for the entire warranty period as outlined when they originally purchased their vehicle.

For my vehicle to qualify as a lemon, is there a requirement for the number of repairs I must attempt?

The Lemon Law in California states that the consumer must attempt a "reasonable" number of repairs during the warranty period in order for their vehicle to be eligible for a Lemon Law claim. However, “reasonable” is a broad term that changes depending on the circumstances of each individual. In general, attorneys and manufacturers tend to view four repair attempts as "reasonable."

Can the manufacturer of my lemon refuse to provide a refund or replacement for the vehicle?

It is important for consumers to understand the differences between the responsibilities of the manufacturer and the dealer. The dealer where you purchased your car is not legally responsible for reimbursing the original costs of your vehicle or replacing your lemon. However, this is not the case when it comes to its manufacturer. If your manufacturer refuses to refund your original costs or replace your lemon, that's when a legal problem occurs. Each individual's circumstances are different, but if you believe you have given your manufacturer a reasonable amount of time to repair your vehicle and they still refuse to refund or replace your vehicle, you should contact an attorney who can help you file your claim. . Lemon Law claim.

What options do I have once I file my Lemon Law claim?

There are two paths you can take after filing your Lemon Law claim. You may choose to have your claim handled through arbitration or in a court of law. Unfortunately, manufacturers tend to try to persuade consumers to settle their Lemon Law claims through arbitration, but the reality is that arbitration tends to favor manufacturers over consumers. If you choose to settle your Lemon Law claim in a court of law, you have an attorney on your side who is familiar with your manufacturer's legal obligations and can fight on your behalf.

What is Lemon Law arbitration?

Lemon Law arbitration is an informal process when a dispute between different parties (in the Lemon Law case, between the vehicle manufacturer and the consumer) is handled and decided by a neutral third party called an arbitrator. Arbitration usually takes up to 40 days, but you can reach a decision sooner. When a Lemon Law is handled in arbitration, consumers are not required to hire an attorney to represent them during the arbitration. However, manufacturers often retain attorneys to represent them throughout the process. When this happens, consumers are much more vulnerable and more likely to lose their case because they don't have adequate representation to fight the big manufacturers.

Am I always required to hire an attorney for a Lemon Law claim?

A consumer is not always required to hire an attorney in arbitration or in court, but they do have the option if they choose. In successful Lemon Law cases, manufacturers are required to pay damages to the consumer. When this happens, it often means manufacturers pay consumer attorney fees.

What are the possible results if you win your Lemon Law case?

If you win your Lemon Law case through arbitration or in a court of law, you must make a decision between replacing the vehicle or reimbursing the costs of your original vehicle. If you choose to have the manufacturer replace your vehicle, your manufacturer must replace the defective vehicle with one that is relatively similar. If you choose to receive a refund from your manufacturer, then you are entitled to a refund in the amount of the original costs of purchasing your vehicle.

If you have questions about filing your Lemon Law claim, talk to an attorney today.

At Yashar Law, APLC, we understand that filing a California lemon law claim can be an incredibly stressful process for individuals who do not fully understand the legal requirements to file their claim with their manufacturer. We are committed to helping you through the entire claim filing process so you are not caught off guard by requirements you were initially unaware of. If you think you are dealing with a lemon and need the help of an attorney to file your lemon law claim, feel free to call us at 844-445-4666 or email us at for a free consultation.

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