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Yashar Law, A Professional Law Corporation (APLC) helps consumers in the areas of the California Lemon Law for new and used vehicles, the California Lemon Law for new and used motorcycles, the Lemon Law for federal consumer products. As a California resident, you have rights under the California Lemon Law and we are here to represent you. Getting rid of your lemon is our job and we love doing our job.

We are a California law firm that has been defending consumers against vehicle manufacturers for the past two years. We've been getting manufacturers to take back their lemon cars and motorcycles and give people their hard-earned money back or replace their lemon cars with new, working vehicles. We enjoy making the legal system work properly for people who have purchased or leased new or used lemon vehicles that were not built correctly. We help our clients close an expensive and exhausting situation. After all, it's not your fault the manufacturer built a lemon in the first place.

The Lemon Law in California and the legal system itself can be confusing, frustrating, overwhelming, and exhausting. We pride ourselves on being a law firm that gets results. Our office is made up of dedicated people and we aggressively fight for your rights. Abuse by an auto dealer or manufacturer can be emotionally charged and financially devastating, particularly when it involves an investment of $20,000 to $150,000 and more. We fight to get rid of your lemon so you can start driving a better, safer vehicle.

We realize that manufacturers will do and say anything to discourage you from claiming your vehicle is not a lemon. That is why we take a professional yet strong and aggressive stance on your case.

If you think your car or motorcycle is a lemon and you want help dealing with the car dealer and/or manufacturer, contact our office for a free consultation today. We offer flexible hours, with the possibility of meeting at night and on weekends. For a free consultation, contact us by email or call our toll-free number at (844) 445-4666.



Founder/ Lemon Law Managing Attorney at

Yashar Law, APCL

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Nadia Yashar, Esq.

Lemon Law Attorney

13 Years of California State Lemon Law Litigation Experience.

Nadia is a very experienced attorney at Yashar Law, APLC. She is also the founder of Yashar Law, APLC. During Nadia's legal career, she has exclusively represented individuals who owned or leased lemon vehicles. She was also an associate at Southern California Law Group, PLC, where she practiced Consumer Protection Law litigation, including: Lemon Law disputes General Motors LLC, Nissan North America, FCA US LLC, Ford motor company, American Honda motors, Toyota motor sales, KIA Motors America, Hyundai Motor America, BMW North America, Mercedes-Benz USA etc.



Nadia es absolutamente increíble... Su atención al detalle, con mi Ford F-150 el conocimiento y la pasión son incomparables. Hizo que el proceso fuera muy sencillo para mi familia Esta es una empresa que se preocupa y obtendrá resultados.


“Yo ya veía una pérdida total por mi CHEVY CRUZE 2012 y aún así me consiguió $50,000 dólares, no lo podía creer pero la que sabe, sabe!”

Livier Muños

“La abogada me ayudó a resolver mi caso con mi Volkswagen Tiguan que estaba presentando varias fallas, resolviendo siempre mis dudas y dándome la tranquilidad de que todo saldría bien, siempre me dejó claras las posibilidades de exito y se manejo un contrato por escrito claro, aun qué yo no hablo inglés siempre atendieron todo ella y su asistente, no pague ningún dollar y mi caso fue resuelto a mi favor en menos de un año, Gracias Abogada Dios la bendiga siempre! “

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