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What are the steps of the Lemon Law process in California?

It is common for vehicle owners to not realize that if they experience the need for many repairs while their vehicle is under the manufacturer's warranty, there are federal and state laws that protect them from having to drive unsafe or undervalued vehicles. These laws are called lemon laws in California, and you must file a lemon law claim to receive the protections afforded by these laws. Starting the process of filing your lemon law claim or even realizing that your car is a lemon in the first place can be confusing and stressful. This is why consulting with an experienced lemon law attorney is in your best interest, so that you are aware of your protections and can feel confident that your lemon law claim is in the best of hands. At Yashar Law, APLC, we are highly trained in the field of lemon law and can help our clients learn and become more familiar with the lemon law process and their rights as consumers in California. If you would like more information about the lemon law process in California.

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What are the steps to file a Lemon Law claim in California?


In California, filing your lemon law claim is a complicated, multi-step process that requires the assistance of a qualified attorney to ensure that you do not skip any of the steps listed below. You must have a clear understanding of the steps involved in the California lemon law process to assert your rights, because one misstep in how you handle your lemon law claim can end up costing you your victory.

Prepare all documentation and evidence for your claim

Give your manufacturer a reasonable amount of time to repair your vehicle

Communicate clearly with your dealer when it comes to your repair needs

Every time you take your vehicle to your dealer for repairs, be sure to explicitly disclose any problems you have experienced with your vehicle. When you communicate clearly with your dealer about all issues that require repair, you begin to establish a physical trail that serves as evidence when you file your lemon law claim at a later time.

Have all your vehicle problems repaired at your dealer

When you experience problems or defects with your vehicle that are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, it is important that you take it to your dealer for repair as soon as possible. The key here is that you should go to your dealer for the repair, because any work done on your vehicle by an unauthorized shop will likely void your manufacturer's warranty and make your vehicle ineligible for a lemon law claim.

Before you file your lemon law claim, you must make sure that you have given your manufacturer a reasonable and sufficient amount of time or attempts to repair your car. Again, because these words are so general, what is considered reasonable is subject to your specific circumstances. At this stage, it would be helpful to consult with an experienced lemon law attorney who can help evaluate your situation and determine if you have waited a sufficient amount of time.

Gather all the necessary physical documentation to support your lemon law claim. These physical documents include any and all repair receipts from your dealer with explicit descriptions of each repair you received, towing receipts caused by problems with your vehicle , etc.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Consult with an experienced lemon law attorney

At this point in the process of filing your lemon law claim, you should give serious thought to consulting and hiring a lemon law attorney who can help you with the rest of the steps involved in filing a claim. Also, attorneys are an amazing tool to use when gathering documentation because their knowledge can help you realize that you need to prepare additional documentation that you didn't initially think of. Your attorney can help you with all the legal steps of a lemon law claim, and if your claim is denied by your manufacturer, your attorney will ultimately represent you in court of law or in arbitration, depending on which route you choose to take.

Step #5

Once your manufacturer has responded to your claim, depending on how you feel about the outcome, this is your chance to accept, negotiate, or contest the determination. During this step, it is essential to have a lemon law attorney on your team because they can help you understand if the response is reasonable or if additional steps need to be taken.

Arbitrate or Fight Your Lemon Law Claim in Court

If you decide that you are not satisfied with the result of your manufacturer's determination, you have the option of litigating your claim. You can decide to take your claim to a court of law or to arbitration. When you fight your claim in court, it is required that you have an attorney representing you with prior experience in trial law. Your other option if you decide to litigate your claim is to do so through arbitration, which does not require you to be represented by an attorney. During arbitration, the outcome is decided by a private third party, but unfortunately, arbitration tends to favor the manufacturer.

Step #6

Step #7

Review your manufacturer's response to your claim

If you have questions about filing your Lemon Law claim, talk to an attorney today.

At Yashar Law, APLC, we understand that filing a California lemon law claim can be an incredibly stressful process for individuals who do not fully understand the legal requirements to file their claim with their manufacturer. We are committed to helping you through the entire claim filing process so you are not caught off guard by requirements you were initially unaware of. If you think you are dealing with a lemon and need the help of an attorney to file your lemon law claim, please feel free to call us at (844)445-4666 or email us at for a free consultation.

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